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Why Portland Trail Quest?

A walking trail pass to this hidden Dorset gem

Where else could you find excellent walking in such diverse environments including the jurassic coast, wetland habitats, areas of outstanding natural beauty, isolated coastlines, idyllic islands and rugged trails?


At Portland Trail Quest our mission is to create a platform for people to unplug and explore natural landscapes in comfort, with a view to providing guests with an experience that's both memorable and indulges all the senses, but remarkably, is still good for you.

You see more on foot with a walking Tour

We believe that the best way to really experience an area is to pass through it on foot. Unlike the view obtained through the windows of a bus or car, a traveller on foot moves at a leisurely pace.


There is time to smell the flowers, watch a native bird as it darts along the dramatic cliff edges, stop and chat with local characters and marvel at natures' majestic landscapes.

We'll take care of everything

Leave the logistics of your group tour, holiday or event to us.  We'll organise all the accommodation, meals, transport etc in advance, saving you time and ensuring that you'll experience the best an area has to offer.


We know the best places to stay and which ones to avoid.  We know the best trail routes and how to help you discover more of an area that you could on your own.

Now its time to meet our team...

Paul Knight

Owner - Operations Consultant 

Combines his vast experience in event management, facilitation and training with an in-depth understanding of team and group dynamics.  Has a passion for the outdoors.



Mark Morrison

Senior Event Consultant


Avid communicator, with a passion for the outdoors.  An international athlete transferring skills to creating events. He is ready to help you make your next event a resounding success.




Barrie-Jon Knight

Event Consultant 


Brings plenty of energy and creativity to match his extensive creative experience.  Commissioned to create the Manchester Arts Walk combining Music and the Arts.





Coastal Walks Quality Control


Each trail has been thoroughly researched to ensure that high standards are met and maintained.


Our program of regular review and our response to client feedback ensures that you will have a unique, enjoyable and memorable walking holiday.  We reward walkers for their loyalty and for booking early onto any scheduled events.

Coastal Walks Tour Guides


Specially selected, giving you the peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a professional company who cares.


Our walking routes are not simply the shortest distance between two points, but the best possible available.  They take you to secluded, unspoiled places with few tourists; always beautiful, sometimes remote, usually peaceful, often wild.

Coastal Walks Ground Tranport Partnerships


Coach travel represents one of the most cost-efficient forms of ground transport and has the added benefit of carbon efficiency.


All our clients can comply with corporate social responsibility policies and ensure green transport around the UK.

Coastal Walks UK


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